Warborn Waste is a Modern Death Metal Band from The Hague.
Warborn Waste is inspired by a wide variety of (sub)genres and like to incorporate as much of it into their own sound while holding onto the roots of Death Metal.
Warborn Waste is one of the youngest metal bands of The Hague, but you will be surprised by their love and passion for music.
They’ve played around about 40 shows as of now. You can expect that a gig from Warborn Waste is extremely powerful.
They released their first album ‘The Prophets of Dishonour’ in April 2017.
And meanwhile they’ve played with bands like Korpse, Rectal Smegma,Bodyfarm and The Charm The Fury.
If you like Death Metal with modern influences you really need to come and see Warborn Waste!



M. P. Hendriks
M: warbornwasteband@gmail.com

Past Events

11-02-‘17 Flatertheek, Naaldwijk

With: Dad’s Amaryllo - Ladies Night - Witches of Dune - Hot Foot Powder

21-01-‘17 Nederland 3, Wateringen

With: Spectrum of Dillusion

26-12-‘16 Antikerst, The Hague

With: Contorted Mind

17-12-‘16 Anthologyfest, Leusden

Purest of Pain - 3rd Machine - Shade of Hatred - Illusionless - Tragacanth - Vanaheim - Gorged - Xeno - The Dutch Duke

26-11-‘16 Haags Pop Centrum, The Hague

With: Dynamic Solution - Celesterre

05-11-‘16 Rob Rockstoel Memorial, The Hague

With: Priapis - Rages of Sin - Celesterre - Bloodsphere - Defazer - 3rd Machine - Iron Laiden - DeFlour - Holy Diver - Birmingham Sunset

29-10-‘16 Poppodium Noordwijk, Noordwijk

With: Laid To Waste - Illusionless - The Charm The Fury

10-09-‘16 Musicon, The Hague

With: Laid To Waste - Eternal Mortification - Defazer

27-08-‘16 Lazaru’s, Leiden

With: Laid To Waste

06-08-‘16 Schollenpop, Scheveningen

With: Textures - Mr. Cramer - Defazer - Buzz Rockinton - Icarius - Old Man’s Riot - Jewel

30-06-‘16 Metalcafé, The Hague

25-06-‘16 ZDA Fest, Naaldwijk

With: Motorblok - Trenchcoat - Milkman - Sailor Twift - Sick of Stupidity - Drunktank - Rise of The Wood - Cobra Chain - The Peterlees - ZDA - Dad’s Amaryllo

21-05-‘16 Metalcon, The Hague

With: Bodyfarm - Rectal Smegma - Korpse - Facelifter - Bleeding Gods - Sisters of Suffocation - Saille - Defazer - Hellbender

02-04-‘16 A Genne Komme, Eygelshoven

Rages of Sin - A Minor Problem - Shoot The Messiah

26-03-‘16 De Rotonde, Berkel en Roderijs

With: Transient State - Backbone

26-02-‘16 RipEvent, Purmerend

With: Cacatory - Inferum

21-01-‘16 Versafdeling, The Hague

With: Icarius - Rise of the Wood

26-12-‘15 Antikerst, The Hague

06-11-‘15 Haags Pop Centrum, The Hague

With: Rages of Sin - Defazer

Max Hendriks(24)


Laurens Eman(21)

Rhythm Guitar

Victor Weise(18

Lead Singer

Martin Jaramillo (18)

Lead Guitar

Mick van Dijk(22)

Bass Guitar